Sony Ericsson:Android-phone will neskoro

April 21, 2009, 9:07 am

sony ericsson:android-phone will neskoro   Sony Ericsson will take time to develop a phone with a platform for Google Android, reported by the director Hideki Komiyama (Hideki Komiyama).
In a recent interview Komiyama said that Android - one of the most promising and important operating systems. According to him, the creation of guglofona require evaluation, testing and feedback of customers. In turn, this requires a lot of time.
When the Sony Ericsson will release the phone with Android, it is not known. Over the phone with this platform as Samsung, LG and Motorola. Sony Ericsson support and direction of Symbian, Windows Mobile.
The first vendor issuing Android-machine became Taiwanese company HTC. Its catalog is already two guglofona - G1 and Dream.


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