Sony Ericsson CS8 traveled from FCC and headed for the T-Mobile

April 23, 2009, 7:22 pm

sony ericsson cs8 traveled from fcc and headed for the t-mobile   Not so long ago, the internet has encouraging information about the two new Cyber-shot. It was expected that models with indexes CS5 and CS8 mark update line camera Sony Ericsson.
According to documents United States Federal Communications Commission, in a CS8 is nebezyzvestny C905. Differences are limited ranges networks 3G, and more precisely, the CS8 would be able to work in the AWS-networks mobile operator T-Mobile, and that is new.
Release date and price, 8 1-IP phone Sony Ericsson CS8 not reported. Slider is equipped with QVGA-screen, slot M2, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and A-GPS. The camera is able to capture the smiles of the people taking the picture when they smile.


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