Sony Ericsson has enormous losses and dismiss staff

April 20, 2009, 9:30 pm

sony ericsson has enormous losses and dismiss staff   The company Sony Ericsson regained the enormous loss. During the first quarter net loss amounted to 293 million euros, while in the fourth quarter of 2008 was lost, only 187 million euros. In the first quarter of last year was recorded profit of 133 million euros.
Sony Ericsson shipped to market at 35% less than the phones a year ago - 14, 5 million to 22 devices, 3 million sales in financial terms, fell by 36% to 1, 74 billion
In last year to reduce costs, Sony Ericsson dismissed 2 000 employees. At this year as planned reductions. During the first wave of Wall Sony Ericsson once again leave the 2 000 people.
Sony Ericsson situation deteriorates with each quarter. Late last year, the share of the company amounted to 8%, now it barely exceeds 6%.


• sony ericsson reduce staff
• sony ericsson reduce the staff
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