Sony Ericsson will mark a new accessories

December 18, 2008, 3:17 pm

sony ericsson will mark a new accessories   The designations of mobile phones is very confusing virtually all vendors. Earlier this year Sony Ericsson has decided to change the approach to the range of devices starting in a new way to call their machines. Since 2009, accessories Sony Ericsson will also receive codes to the new principle.
The first Sony Ericsson accessories with a new type of names has become a miniature tripod IM502, has been put on sale in a number of online stores. The letters in his name responsible for the type of enhancement. In this case, IM - Imaging. Will another group MW (Music Wireless), MS (Music Speaker), MC (Music Control). The first number indicates the class of devices, the second figure - the year of release (the report is made in 2009), the third figure - a regular room accessory suitable type.
reminded that the names of recent Sony Ericsson phones encrypted series, class version and form factor. For example, C902 - Series Cyber-shot, the highest class, has no successor, monoblock.


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