Sony Ericsson will release C905 camera with 8 GB of memory

March 19, 2009, 12:16 pm

sony ericsson will release c905 camera with 8 gb of memory   Last year, Sony Ericsson first of five major vendors announced the 8 1-IP phone. Model C905 was a series of Cyber-shot, and currently headed by her. There is information that in the near future it may replace the C905 8GB.
The distinguishing feature of Sony Ericsson C905 8GB, as the name implies, will be 8 GB flash memory. The standard version has only 160 MB of memory and socket M2 (he C905 8GB, believe will be). The other characteristics remain unchanged:to support 2G and 3, 5G, 8, 1-MP camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, A-GPS, FM-radio, 2, 4-inch QVGA-display.
The exact date of commencement of sales of Sony Ericsson C905 8GB is not known. It can be assumed that the slider will be available in new colors.


• replace the C905
• Characteristics c905
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