Sony PlayStation 2 points 9 anniversary

March 10, 2009, 7:14 pm

sony playstation 2 points 9 anniversary   In March 1999, it became known that the development started in the second game consoles of Sony. Sales of finished product launched in Japan 4 March 2000. PlayStation 2 (PS2) - game console, which has become the most sold. Worldwide sales of more than 140 million copies of PS2, which is more than the sales of Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 combined.
In the foundations of PS2 was Ken Kutaragi, who led the group on a PlayStation. Having said that, in the early years of successful sales of the console name has been difficult. In early 2001, the prefix purchased only a few million. In late 2001, after a series of successful games, the console has received a serious increase in sales. Since the beginning of a new school period in 2004 came out this hit - Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas, which has further ignited sales of the device. Extreme stations have been updated in July 2007, Sony introduced a thin version of PS2 (SCPH-79000).
game console have more life time than the computer components. So they are developed. Wish game console PlayStation 2 at least not in the dusty closet, and a maximum reach adulthood.


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