Sony PSP 2 bury iPhone and iPod touch

April 10, 2009, 1:53 pm

sony psp 2 bury iphone and ipod touch   Rumors of Sony PSP2 so much that way, which of them true, and what does not, it seems unrealistic goal. Another anonymous source from the circle of developers said that the new portable console PSP is created taking into account the popularity of iPhone and iPod touch.
Concept Sony PSP2
Sony intends to integrate PSP2 all the main features of the products Apple. This means that the display devices will be high, and touch, the management of the games will be realized, including the sensor and through traffic, but the game can be purchased through the online store. In connection with the abandonment of the UMD drive is a compact device.
The most probable form factor Sony PSP2 - slider with making gaming keys. In starting the game lineup PSP2 will be ports from older consoles, as well as the original formulation. Many games will focus on Casual players.


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