Sony showed 240-FED-Hz display in action

November 23, 2008, 6:35 am

sony showed 240-fed-hz display in actionsony showed 240-fed-hz display in actionsony showed 240-fed-hz display in action 
sony showed 240-fed-hz display in action   Quite a long time we have not received interesting news from the world of avtoelektronnoy emission displays (FED, field emission display), but it does not necessarily mean that Manufacturers no longer are working in that direction. And a vivid proof of this is the demonstration of the new joint development companies Sony and FE Technologies (established in 2006, the investment fund Technology Carve-Out Investment Fund and Sony) - FED-panel capable of updating the image at a speed of 240 frames per second.
As part of the show with four parallel Sony PlayStation3 game console by 19-inch FED-display to show action game Gran Turismo 5. At the same frequency reaches an impressive 240 FPS.
In passing, Sony has provided some interesting information about the novelty. FED-display uses nano-Spindt, which is a vast array of electronic emitter conical shape. Each pixel consists of 10 thousand such nanoizluchateley. Electrons get to fluorescent panel, which is light the screen.
In fact, every point of the screen represents an analog cathode-ray tubes. Due to the large number of emitter, failure of even 10-20% of them will not result in any noticeable changes in pixel brightness luminescence. According to the developers for the dignity of FED-display compared to traditional LCD-technology include wider angles of the review so the opportunity to display black, rich set all sorts of colors, display video without lubricating borders a high frequency of updates. According to eyewitnesses, the difference between the traditional display and 240-Hz FED simply shocking.
The following comparison shows the structure of nano-Spindt system and the traditional LCD. As the source display FED does not require the lamp lights, polarizer plate, as well as some other parts that make it more simple architecture.
The main issues are time-frame for the introduction of FED-displays in mass production, as well as their cost. Unfortunately, they still remain unanswered.


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