SPARKLE GeForce 9400 GT and now with a low profile

September 18, 2008, 5:55 pm

sparkle geforce 9400 gt and now with a low profile   Obladateley home theater systems based media company PC SPARKLE Computer Co. decided to please release immediately nizkoprofilnyh four versions of the budget graphic adapter NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT, each of which is based on established on the more advanced 55 - nm technology G96 chip with 16 streaming processors.
New items are model SF-PX94GT512U2LP-HP and SF-PX94GT512U2LP-HM, equipped with the original cooler fan, as well as modified SF-PX94GT1024U2LP-HP Passive and SF-PX94GT1024U2LP-HM Passive, lowering the temperature of which is enough large aluminum radiator without propellers. Meanwhile, all products formed on printed circuit boards custom blue, used for PCI Express 2. 0 x16 and DDR2 memory staffed with 128 - bit interface, which have accelerators with active cooling is 512 MB, and their quiet fellow equal to 1024 Mb. Moreover, it is worth noting that the data are compatible graphics card with DirectX 10, supported by technology NVIDIA PureVideo HD Technology, NVIDIA PhysX Technology and NVIDIA CUDA Technology, operate at frequencies 550/1400/800 MHz and have exits at the back of the D-Sub, DVI and HDTV (HM options with letters in the index are equipped with an additional adapter DVI to HDMI).
With regard to pricing and timing of sales before the start of massive video card, then accurate information in this regard we are not yet available.


• SF-PX94GT512U2LP-hm
• sparkle 9400 +manual
• SF-PX94GT512U2LP-HP Passive
• SF-PX94GT512U2LP manual
• SF-PX94GT512U2LP
• SF-PX94GT1024U2LP-HP
• SF-PX94GT1024U2LP-HM Passive manual
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