SPARKLE GeForce GTX 285 with two gigabytes of memory

April 9, 2009, 6:00 pm

sparkle geforce gtx 285 with two gigabytes of memory 
sparkle geforce gtx 285 with two gigabytes of memory   After Palit Microsystems and their version of Galaxy Technology graphics accelerators GeForce GTX 285 with two gigabytes of GDDR3-memory on board and the company also introduced the Sparkle Computer.
of the two new models SXX2852048D3-VP and SXX2852048D3-VM with 2 GB of memory, as well as a pair of accelerators SXX2851024D3-VP and SXX2851024D3-VM with 1 GB of memory. Models with an index of VP two ports are equipped with DVI-I, while VM-options, in addition, have a port S/PDIF and come with adapter DVI-HDMI.
As for the rest of their characteristics are identical and correspond to the reference value - the frequency is 648 MHz core, the effective memory frequency - 2484 MHz, a frequency Shader pool - 1476 MHz. Also, the support of a standard set of technologies, including 3-way SLI, CUDA, GigaThread, Lumenex Engine, PureVideo HD, and others.


• GeForce GTX 285 ‧ SXX2852048D3-VM
• sparkle geforce gtx 285 sxx2852048d3-vp
• Sparkle VP VM
• SXX2852048D3-VP
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