SPARKLE will issue 10 ( !) versions of GeForce 9800 GT

June 4, 2008, 2:10 am

sparkle will issue 10 ( !) versions of geforce 9800 gtsparkle will issue 10 ( !) versions of geforce 9800 gtsparkle will issue 10 ( !) versions of geforce 9800 gt 
sparkle will issue 10 ( !) versions of geforce 9800 gt   Network resources Fudzilla staff found that the company SPARKLE Computer Co. is going to please fans of modern 3D-games release ten аж different options for the coming graphic adapter NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT, an official announcement to be held in the very near future.
Reportedly, the court will be presented to consumer model SF-PX98GT256D3-HPL, SF-PX98GT512D3-HPL, SF-PX98GT512D3-HPL Cool-pipe, SF-PX98GT1024D3-HPL, SF-PX98GT512D3-HP , SF-PX98GT512D3-HM, SF-PX98GT256D3-HML, SF-PX98GT512D3-HML, SF-PX98GT512D3-HML Cool-pipe and SF-PX98GT1024D3-HML, constructed under the PCI Express bus 2. 0 x16, with 112 streaming processors and compatible with DirectX 10. 0 Shader Model 4. 0. In doing so, the source notes that the modifications Cool-pipe in the cooling system will be present heat pipes, while the boosters, in which there are indices letters"HM", originally completed with DVI to HDMI adapter and allow to organize the filing of sound with the motherboard or on the domestic audiokarty transit entry S/PDIF (corresponding cable attached). It also states that all products are equipped with GDDR3 memory with 256 - bit interface, which operates at a frequency of 1800 MHz versions with volume at 512 Mb and 1024 MB, while video card with 256 MB of memory that figure is equal to 1400 MHz. As for the frequency parameters graphic kernel and Shader blocks, they in all cases amount to 600 MHz and 1500 MHz respectively. Well, a set of abandoned at the back of the interfaces includes two DVI connectors and one HDTV-out.
Here is information on the likely value of each of the above-mentioned products is not yet a source of leads.


• SF-PX98GT512D3-HPL Cool-pipe
• SF-PX98GT256D3-HML
• SF-PX98GT512D3 Cool-Pipe
• SF-PX98GT512D3-HM und SF-PX98GT512D3-HML
• SF-PX98GT512D3-HML Cool-pipe
• sparkle 9800 cool pipe
• SF-PX98GT512D3-HPL
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