Sparkle will use amorphous carbon to cool the graphics cards

February 20, 2009, 12:17 pm

sparkle will use amorphous carbon to cool the graphics cards 
sparkle will use amorphous carbon to cool the graphics cards   According to Wikipedia, in 1980-ies. in the USSR, it was found that under conditions of dynamic loading of carbon materials can be formed of diamond, known as ultrafine diamonds. There are currently increasingly used the term nanoalmazy. Recall that the thermal conductivity of diamond thermal conductivity higher than copper in the 4 # 8722, 5 times. In addition, diamond is a very good insulator. In the production of diamond substrates are used as insulators and heat sink to cool power electronic devices:transistors, diodes, etc.
Synthesis of Diamond-like carbon film was called Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) or amorphous carbon. Using the excellent properties of diamond-carbon, the company has developed technology Sparkle Diamonds Sputtering. At the core of it is a special method of applying a thin layer on the surface of the ribs nanoalmazov radiator. Such a radiator can be installed as a graphics processor, and on the memory modules.
conducted experiments in the laboratory have proven the effectiveness of technology Sparkle Diamonds Sputtering. To this end, have been tested with two graphics adapters based on the chip GeForce 9500 GT. One of them had the standard cooling radiators were covered with another layer of carbon diamond. The results are visible on the graph.
Perhaps, the difference in scale of 5 degrees Celsius is not impressive, but the start. Perhaps soon we will see more interesting results.


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