SPARKLE VGA-cooler released with support for Radeon HD 4800

July 14, 2008, 8:32 pm

sparkle vga-cooler released with support for radeon hd 4800 
sparkle vga-cooler released with support for radeon hd 4800   Fans of computer games known Taiwanese company SPARKLE Computer as one of the largest manufacturers of graphics chips for graphics cards NVIDIA. And this is indeed the case. Her presented myriad assortment of models for every taste and wallet. In fact, part of a separate product line of prestigious Calibre, acknowledged in an environment of enthusiasts and supporters disperse. However, the company has recently SPARKLE can be considered not only a supplier of graphics cards, but also cooling systems.
Ustami press service of the Taiwanese manufacturer announced its emergence in the cooling system product line called Calibre Fly Cooling System VDT2000. Argued that the property development engineers SPARKLE. Bold design, impressive size and Calibre belonging to the family said that before us - high decision based primarily on enthusiasts and supporters disperse, which seek to maximize the speed of the video with a minimum temperature and noise level. Developers are confident that the new VGA-cooler cope with modern cooling accelerators working in nominal and dispersed mode. In the list of compatible models is present in many popular graphics chips NVIDIA and AMD:GeForce 9800 GT, 9600 GT/GSO, 8800 GT/GS, 8600 GTS, 7900 GT/GS, 7800 GT/GS, Radeon HD 4850, HD 3870, HD 3850 , X2900 XT, X1950 Pro/XT/XTX, X1900 GT/XT/XTX, X1800 GTO/XL/XT.
One of the main features of the new Cooling is the use of two fans. Maximum speed of each of them reaches 3000 rpm. Nevertheless, in a press release system Calibre Fly Cooling System VDT2000 characterized not only as highly effective but quiet. Alleged that the noise level does not exceed 30 dBA. According to the developers, the new VGA-cooler with a couple of fans about the same noise, but the standard cooling system GeForce 8800 GT.
Fans thermal envelope of the two tubes, which are the framework for radiators, recruited from copper plates thick 0, 2 mm. At the heart of all this construction is copper and aluminium base, which is in contact with the surface of the graphic chip and passes through heat pipes to the excess heat radiators.
What`s interesting, SPARKLE engineers made it possible to change the angle of fans on the plane cooled graphics card. According to the manufacturer, the system Calibre Fly Cooling System VDT2000 with sections are up in the air will not only effectively cool memory chips and power elements of the food chain accelerator, but also improve ventilation inside the PC.
should also be recalled that the company SPARKLE for several months to equip their original graphics card cooling systems, such as Calibre Fly Cooling System VDT2000. However, the status of an independent product has received this cooler only now. Marketed in the technologies were tested at accelerators Calibre P960, Calibre P950 and SPARKLE GeForce 9600 GT, which we described in our news. For example, the application of the model Calibre P960 changed Cooling using three different heat pipes. But for cooling video cards Calibre P950 proved enough"odnogolovogo"with the option of aluminium radiators.
It would not be superfluous to note that the new product from SPARKLE is intended for advanced users. Future owners Cooling except the desire to achieve high results in the dispersal must have some experience and technical skills, sufficient for self-modifying graphics card.


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