SpeedFan 4. 38:The management of the computer

April 26, 2009, 10:13 am

speedfan 4. 38:the management of the computer   Updated freeware program that monitors temperature, speed of the cooler and voltage. SpeedFan can also display the temperature of the hard drive if the device supports this option. The main function of SpeedFan is to monitor the speed cooler and its change, depending on the temperature inside the computer. This helps to reduce noise and power consumption.
The latest version adds full support for Intel QST, ADT7470, ADT7462, nVidia MCP79 SMBus, SiS968 SMBus, reading internal temperature of Intel i7, AMCC/3ware SMART. Also, improved identification of ITE IT8720F added and the temperature reading Fintek F71858, improved identification of operating systems and adds support for Windows 7.
Creator:Alfredo Milani Comparetti Distribution:free Operating system:Windows All Size 1, 8 MB, you can Download here.


• speedfan 4,38
• speedfan4.38
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