Spending phones are reduced because of the crisis

October 28, 2008, 1:07 pm

spending phones are reduced because of the crisis   Because of the economic crisis, many owners of mobile phones postpone buying more advanced models, and make adjustments in their tariff plans. These disappointing results yielded a poll Mobile Attitudes, conducted by the portal GetJar.
78% of the respondents agreed to delay the purchase of a new mobile device, 76% say that they want to reduce the cost of negotiations. However, over the past six months, 50% of respondents did not think of to reduce costs. Most of those who went to such a step, motivate their thrift effects of the financial crisis. Staff GetJar even tried to figure out what users spend the most. 35% think the first item of expenditure - SMS, 18, 5% - voice services, and 17% - service to exchange data.
The experts wondered how the intentions of users will be in line with reality in the next few months.


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