Spore creator Will Wright leaves Electronic Arts

April 10, 2009, 6:53 am

spore creator will wright leaves electronic arts   The famous geymdizayner Will Wright (Will Wright), have developed The Sims and Spore, has committed an incredible - he left the company Electronic Arts after 12 years of fruitful work. Rather than continue working on the new online hits, he opened his own company Stupid Fun Club, which actively supports the EA.
According to Wright, Stupid Fun Club will explore new opportunities for the entertainment of users. Specialists of the studios are going to create new types of interactive fun for multiple platforms. Note that the developer is not going to drop out of EA. He will continue to work together with employees of this company over a new, more ambitious projects.
Note that the Stupid Fun Club will not be restricted only to the games. In the view of the company will also get movies, TV, internet and conventional toys. EA reserves all rights to develop games based on the projects Stupid Fun Club.
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