Sprint began to teach mobile phone users

September 9, 2008, 6:00 pm

   A large North American mobile operator, the company Sprint Nextel, launched a major programme to explain to buyers opportunities phones by employees of stores where they are sold. The main objective of the campaign, called Ready Now, - to ensure the conditions for full setup of mobile phones directly at their sale, including the transfer list of contacts with old devices, connectivity Bluetooth - headsets, etc. , as well as exhaustive explanations about the use of functions or other models. In preparation for the launch of the programme in one of Sprint Sundays closed all its stores 1219, to undertake the necessary training to their employees.
According to company vice president, Kim Dixon (Kim Dixon), many owners of mobile phones with many functions simply did not know how to use them. As a result - a great percentage of returns, which for smartphones reaches 20% of the total number of devices sold. To its credit, Sprint, the company has assumed responsibility to conduct explanatory work not only just bought the phones, but also for tubes acquired some time ago. Customers who do not have time for immediate rapid rate, takes 10 minutes to half an hour, are able to agree at a later time.
In addition to reducing the number of returns, Ready Now the program aims to improve the users interest in the use of data transmission services such as mobile access to email and web services. Much competition for voice communications reduces the profitability of these services, so operators are considering expanding the volume of services provided data transmission as one of the most promising ways to increase the profitability of business.
The company Sprint is not unique in the desire to learn from their customers. A similar program, Genius Bars, operates stores in Apple, where they can receive advice about the Mac and iPod. The company Microsoft also plans to deploy a similar service called Gurus in large retail stores computer technology, such as Best Buy and Circuit City Stores. In Best Buy Mobile network program operates Walk Out Working, provides for setting smartphones acquired by trading personnel.


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