Square Enix is buying technology Fallout 3

March 20, 2009, 1:18 pm

square enix is buying technology fallout 3   The company Square Enix officially announced that it licensed the technology from Gamebryo Emergent Game Technologies. This engine became the basis for accepted hits Fallout 3 and Warhammer Online. In an official press release is not said to what the Japanese Square intends to use the software.
However, the journalists have in this regard, some assumptions. It is clear that technology is not used in the creation of Final Fantasy XIII. Instead, the developers have made their own decision to Crystal Tools. The most likely candidate to use Gamebryo will be an original action, which is created in the new California studio imprint.
One of the important features was the Gamebryo Floodgate, facilitating porting product. Square Enix representatives to refrain from any comment.
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