SSD-drives Intel-branded A-DATA

April 9, 2009, 8:37 am

ssd-drives intel-branded a-data   The company A-DATA has announced a series of 2, 5-inch SSD-drives X25-M. However, the contribution of A-DATA in the design of these discs is virtually zero - in fact they are created by engineers Intel.
These products will be produced under the agreement signed by both manufacturers in February of this year. According to Intel, and A-DATA, such cooperation will provide users with the best in its class for quality products with the best support for retail channels.
New items will be available in versions with capacity 80 and 160 GB. Briefly recall their main characteristics. Drives are designed on the basis of 50-nm MLC NAND chips have faster read and write 250 and 70 Mb/s, respectively, supports Native Command Queuing, which allows you to parallel up to thirty-two operations, and are connected to the computer using the interface SATA II (3 Gbit/s).


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