SSD-drives OCZ Vertex mobile mac

April 10, 2009, 4:44 pm

ssd-drives ocz vertex mobile mac 
ssd-drives ocz vertex mobile mac   Mass-media company OCZ Technology announced the release of a new series of solid-state drives based on flash memory chips-type NAND, specifically designed for use in laptop computers from the Apple MacBook .
In the line of OCZ Vertex Series Mac Edition includes versions with 30, 60, 120 and 250 GB, performed 2, 5-inch form-factor and had an interface SATA2.
As for the other technical characteristics of drives, they look like this:
  • The serial number of model:OCZSSD2-1VTXA30G/OCZSSD2-1VTXA60G/OCZSSD2-1VTXA120G/OCZSSD2-1VTXA250G;
  • The maximum speed of reading:220 MB/s from OCZSSD2-1VTXA30G/OCZSSD2-1VTXA60G and 240 Mb/s at OCZSSD2-1VTXA120G/OCZSSD2-1VTXA250G;
  • The maximum recording speed:125 MB/s from OCZSSD2-1VTXA30G/OCZSSD2-1VTXA60G, 170 Mb/s at OCZSSD2-1VTXA120G and 150 Mb/s at OCZSSD2-1VTXA250G;
  • Buffer Size:64 MB;
  • Search:less than 1 ms;
  • Resistance to shocks:1500 G;
  • Estimated time of trouble (MTBF):1, 5 million hours;
  • Noise Level:0 dB;
  • Power consumption in operation mode:2 W;
  • Operating temperature range:-10 to 70 degrees centigrade scale;
  • Features:realized support RAID;
  • Dimensions:99, 8 x 69, 6 x 9, 3 mm;
  • Weight:77 g;
  • Warranty:2 years.
on the cost and timing of the start of massive sales of the new products has not reported.


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