Standard ITU G. hn:an attempt to combine the different home network

March 29, 2009, 4:52 pm

   The International Telecommunication Union (International Telecommunication Union, ITU) is working on a standard G. hn, the purpose of which announced the creation of a single sheet consisting of home networking with a variety of medium - power, coaxial and telephone cables. Initiatives that immediately attracted a great deal of controversy. First of all, they touched upon incompatibility with the current technology used by HomePlug Powerline Alliance, and, according to the Alliance, are already used in about 27 million devices.
The main stumbling block was the difference in methods of detecting and correcting errors. For the standard ITU G. hn was chosen method codes with low-density parity checks (LDPC-codes), while the HomePlug Powerline Alliance is using a system of direct error correction Turbo Code Forward Error Correction (Turbo Code FEC). Representatives of HomePlug Powerline Alliance doubts that the use of LDPC-codes provide a significant gain in productivity, and availability on the market two competing incompatible standards, in their view, would not benefit either producers or users. The implementation of the same devices that support both methods would be too costly.
The Group of HomePlug, in turn, is preparing to release early next year, a standard AV 2. 0, a bandwidth at the application level of 600 Mbit/s and at a physical level (PHY) - 1 Gbps. Specification G. hn also aims to achieve throughput of 1 Gbit/s at the PHY, but how this technology will help squeeze out of the heavily noisy telecommunication links at the application level, yet unknown. In the plans of developers ITU, completed by the end of last year, work on the specification of G. hn PHY, by September this year to publish the architecture of the controller-level MAC, in order to provide the ground for withdrawal of appropriate equipment on the market in 2010
Perhaps, to some extent be able to reconcile the competing standards in the left at the end of last year IEEE 1901 specification, which provides mechanisms for the coexistence of different technologies, including HomePlug and G. hn, with the possible exception of an undesirable interaction.


• combining ITU and IEEE 1901
• ITU + standards for combiner
• Homeplug AV2 frequency
• phy architecture
• ldpc codes
• ldpc code
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