Star Metal Gear Solid 4 creates his own company

March 18, 2009, 1:50 pm

star metal gear solid 4 creates his own company   Heyter David (David Hayter), raised Sneyka (Snake) in Metal Gear Solid, and also wrote several scripts for the well-known films, established his own production company. His partner was made by the producer of the film Tekken Carver Benedikt (Benedict Carver).
The company is called the Dark Hero Studios. Experts will focus on issue of science fiction movies, television, online and gaming products. According to Carver, David will not only engage in creative activities, but also involve the cooperation of other authors.
Heyter (Hayter) already ready to create his first film Straughter s Road (thriller about the reverse). After that he will film Demonology (the project he has written and is planning to). The story tells about an American guy who gets in the Belgian school, and faced with local educational nightmare.
It should be recalled that recently put Heytera (Hayter) has become adapted to kinoekrana graphic novel Watchmen.


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