Star Wars:Battlefront 3 again changed the studio

March 10, 2009, 3:25 pm

star wars:battlefront 3 again changed the studio   Game Star Wars Battlefront 3 is not lucky with the developers. Initially, it worked on the staff of Free Radical. After the collapse of the studio project passed into the hands of Rebellion. It is now known that the above studio working on Aliens Vs. Predator. It turns out that the third part of the famous series once again left without a parent ? According to rumors, Battlefront 3 picked company Pandemic. Reported by employees of the site DarkZero, who allegedly received the information directly from the mouth of one of the developers.
Given that it is responsible for Pandemic first two games of this series, the fate of trikvela is in good hands. The more so that the studio is now apparently have free time. Lord of the Rings:Conquest has left, the game was canceled about Batman, Saboteur, apparently frozen. We hope that the specialists did not disappoint.
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