Statistics of malicious programs in Russia in March, according to ESET

April 13, 2009, 1:53 pm

statistics of malicious programs in russia in march, according to eset   The company ESET has submitted top the most common Internet threats, identified by specialists ESET virus lab using the technology for early detection of ThreatSense. Net in March 2009.
The list is headed by a family of malicious software worm Conficker - 22, 48% (other names - Downadup, Kido). According to ESET, Russia has the second largest number of infected computers in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), second only to Ukraine. Conficker uses MS08-067 Vulnerability in Microsoft Windows and is distributed with the help of outside carriers, through the p2p-networks, and public folders within the local network. Infecting computers, the worm combines them into bot-net. Malware anti-virus software is blocking access to sites and manufacturers of anti-viruses, makes changes to the work of local service DNS.
The most frequent version of the worm in Russia has become a variation Win32/Conficker. AA (9, 39%). Modification of the threat - Win32/Conficker. X (1, 54%) took the 8 th position.
The second largest prevalence in Russia is for malicious software that is used to disseminate the file autorun. inf. Together, this group accounted for 7 of threats, 58%. A high percentage of such malicious programs linked to the popularity of external media - CD, DVD-ROM drive, flash card, USB-devices, which are distributed threats.
Also, in the twenty months into Trojan program Win32/Agent (3, 83%) and Win32/VB. NUB (1, 02%) intended for the theft of personal data;Win32/Packed. Themida (0, 95%) - malware packed using packer - Themida;family of Trojans, keylogerov Win32/PSW. OnLineGames. NMY (0, 75%), used by hackers steal account information and access to the accounts of players of multiplayer online role-playing games.


• -k localservicedns
• cooler master elite 310
• localservicedns virus
• Win32/VB.NUB
• win32/vb.NUB trojan
• vb.nub trojan
• localservicedns
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