Steam car will set the speed record

March 26, 2009, 12:13 pm

steam car will set the speed recordsteam car will set the speed recordsteam car will set the speed recordsteam car will set the speed recordsteam car will set the speed record 
steam car will set the speed record   Car driven by steam engines, sunk into oblivion a century ago. Today we remember the steam engines as a bulky, clumsy and slow machines. Meanwhile, surprising that the record speed for cars on a couple of very respectable 204 km/h - not all modern cars can be accelerated to such speeds. That record lasted so far more than a century, they found a team of engineers set a goal to overcome established in 1906, the bar.
The apparatus, which is to overcome the mark of 204 km/h, is a modern design that works on the principle known even a century ago, but with the latest advances in science and technology. To begin with, the frame of the car is made of solid steel, but the basic elements of the body are made of aluminum and carbon. This gives the whole structure and strength at the same time ease.
But the real work of engineering genius is to recognize the power plant, which will disperse the car to record the speed. The basis of the steam engine are twelve boilers operating on natural gas, and heat capacity of three megawatts. Operating temperature inside the heater is 400 degrees centigrade scale, and for a minute boilers can turn into steam of up to 50 liters of distilled water. Inside the system creates a high pressure so that water vapor to a speed twice the speed of sound, and rotates the turbine car.
It is assumed that stopping the car will be done the traditional way - through the disc brakes, but in case of force majeure situations, engineers equipped the car brake parachute.
The attempts to break the record of age-old prescription is scheduled to be in June of this year - in the course of events necessary to disperse the vehicle at a speed exceeding 204 km/h, at least in the two races. It should be noted that in 1985 a pilot Bob Barber broke in a car with steam traction at a speed of 234 km/h, but only in one of arrival. As a result, the record has not been formally established, and our contemporaries a second chance to write his name in history.


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