Store Application for BlackBerry will be launched in March

January 21, 2009, 6:05 pm

store application for blackberry will be launched in march   The success of Apple with the App Store does not rest competitors malic company. The Canadian smartphone manufacturer RIM has announced the commencement of consideration of applications from software developers who will write applications for the BlackBerry Application Storefront.
As stated by Jim Balsile (Jim Balsillie), executive director of RIM, the company is currently determines which applications get to the store BlackBerry, and what does not. Launching the service, according to Balsile, held in March at the CTIA Wireless.
The Director of RIM also shared with the journalists thought that the store will symbolize the birth of digital music 2. 0 (perhaps similar to the web 2. 0). That sounds vague and not entirely clear. Wait for the beginning of the BlackBerry Application Storefront, to determine whether RIM to seriously confront the App Store.


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