Storyline trailer Prototype

April 8, 2009, 7:16 am

   On the pages of Gametrailers debuted a special trailer Prototype, tells about the plot and main characters for future games. Judging by the roller, the developers have thought up a very interesting system of the new scenario of events. The main character is able to absorb the other characters. Getting a new biomass, it also absorbs their memories, restoring the overall picture and answering important questions. In addition, our protagonists would be supported by his sister, a journalist and a pathologist.
At this time, Prototype looks like the main multi-platform release in 2009. The game is entirely devoted to revenge, the hero Superman, who can throw cars and turn their swords in their hands, tear swarm of helicopters and perpendicular to buildings to better Altair. Should get very interesting. Logout held this summer.

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