Sun enhances performance servers Sparc Enterprise

October 15, 2008, 12:57 pm

sun enhances performance servers sparc enterprise   The company Sun Microsystems, a leader in the market of server computers, reported a double computing capacity of the most popular line of Unix-servers Sparc Enterprise T. Now the attention of buyers suggests computing Sparc Enterprise T5440, equipped with four 8-nuclear processor UltraSparc T2 Plus - the predecessor T5240 osnaschalsya only two microchip.
production servers Sparc Enterprise T5440 done with the direct participation of partner Sun, the company Fujitsu, running Solaris 10 operating system, supporting up to 256 computer streams simultaneously and be equipped with up to 512 GB of RAM. The starting price is $ 45 servers, 000.
However, the most attention, according to the company`s Sun, the consumer must be the relative compactness of the new servers - so powerful computing system is rack-mountable form factor 4U. In doing so, developers now support a variety of technology management capabilities and computing power systems:perhaps even disable individual processor cores to reduce power consumption. Moreover, given the possibility of flexible configuration, fan speeds - another feature to minimize energy use.
The opinion is to pay attention to the prospects for Sun server systems on the market - according to analyst reports, company earnings in the latest quarter fell by 7%, compared with the same period last year. Moreover, growth in sales of high-performance, and therefore the most expensive systems is growing very slowly. The biggest problem for the Sun is the growing popularity of x86-systems, forcing up to work with Intel.


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