Sun has reduced losses due to an increase in sales of storage systems

January 30, 2009, 5:31 pm

   The fourth quarter of 2008, the company Sun Microsystems has finished with less-than-expected losses, primarily due to higher sales of storage systems, offered under the program Open Storage. The volume of shipments for the period amounted to 3, 22 billion dollars, although that is less than 11% than last year`s figure, but better than analysts` forecast of Wall Street, whose preliminary assessment at 3, 16 billion U. S. Flow of cash the company has reduced by more than double - 113 million dollars against 242 million dollars in the third quarter of 2008
The growth of sales of products Open Storage, amounting to 21% for the quarter, stands out against the backdrop of other shipping companies. According to Sun, many partners and customers, the total number of about two thousand, were interested in the proposed program products are provided by a family of storage systems Sun Storage 7000, also known under the code name Amber Road.
The manufacturer considers the success of their new NAS-systems to the wide coverage of the target applications - from small businesses to corporate mainframes, performance achieved, in no small measure, a combination of the use of solid-state drives and the file system ZFS, as well as the use of open standards that some cases provide better price/performance compared to competitors` proprietary solutions. At the end of the quarter also increased sales of systems based on multi-Solaris servers and a family of X64.


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