Sun introduced the revolutionary storage systems

November 13, 2008, 9:06 am

   The company Sun Microsystems introduced three models of new storage systems, Sun Storage 7110, 7210 and 7410, without any modesty proclaiming their most revolutionary devices in the segment of issued equipment for decades. According to the manufacturer, sufficient grounds for such high-profile statements provides a comprehensive set of the complete software that greatly simplifies the tasks of launch and the continued operation and avoid the additional cost of organizing storage facilities, in addition to the actual purchase of storage systems. This software - the first commercial product design group FishWorks, working within the company.
presented the model overlap the range of 2 to 576 TB and can in order to increase productivity equipped solid drive. Sun stressed that despite the high cost of SSD-devices, the drives are presented rather act as a buffer memory, so their capacity is small for the total and were only marginally affect the final price. Relatively complete ON states that it is compatible with OS Solaris, Linux, Windows and supports standard network and tape libraries, includes in its composition open MySQL database management system and allows the service to carry out the tasks and analysis.
Model Sun Storage 7110 performed in a compact body, can provide up to 2 TB of capacity, its price - about 11 thousand U. S. The capacity of the middle class in 7210 the maximum configuration can be 48 TB, including SSD-drive to optimize the operation record , In which case the price comes to about 31, 3 thousand U. S. Finally, the oldest model 7410, supports a total capacity of up to 576 TB, with multiple SSD-drive, and optimized for reading and writing.
Along with the vigorous announcement drives, there is also information on the planned Sun at the beginning of next year cuts about 350 jobs. Since May, the company has dismissed about 1, 500 employees, and at the end of June, the state stood at 34, 900 people.


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