Sunbelt CounterSpy 3. 1. 2416:anti-spyware module

October 30, 2008, 9:23 pm

sunbelt counterspy 3. 1. 2416:anti-spyware module   Has issued a new version of CounterSpy, which is designed to detect and remove malicious modules as well as to protect them. The program protects your computer from threats related to redirect the browser page to malicious sites, pop-ups, as well as attempts to install software on your computer without your knowledge. The program is constantly being updated, with her three sources:a database directory of research espionage modules Microsoft and the base, which is based on information received from users.
The latest version of updated data base program.
Developer:Sunbelt Software Distribution:shareware, $ 20 Operating system:Windows All Size 67 MB Download can be here.


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