Super-lantern or unusual means of self-defense

October 31, 2008, 8:59 am

super-lantern or unusual means of self-defense 
super-lantern or unusual means of self-defense   The company PepperBall Technologies decided to start a technology used to create military lasers in weight and has created an unusual lantern, designed to provide a compelling argument of self-defense. The new device PepperBall Technologies, on the application developers can run successfully compete and even surpass the popularity of stun guns Taser.
The device FlashLauncher in mind looks like an ordinary flashlight, but inside he mounted modules for shooting capsule with pepper spray and the main novelties of salt - a small but quite powerful laser. The designs of laser, installed in FlashLauncher, similar to lasers used in the U. S. Army to disperse the demonstrators. In effect on the object, it raises short-term burning sensation and makes the enemy as soon forget about everything.
The firing capsules with pepper spray may be in semi-automatic capacity oboymy - five capsules, a laser designator much easier aiming. Capsules pushed from the device stream of compressed gas, which is removable cylinder, the same used in the pneumatic gas cylinder weapons. Pepper spray is suitable for self-defense against intruders, and the repellent wild animals.
in size FlashLauncher too big to wear it in your pocket, but easily placed in the backpack. The weight of less than 1 kg, and lamp brightness is 100 lumen, which is sufficient for lighting inside the vehicle or on the premises. By News ideally positioned as a means of self-defense for the home, as well as for tourists and travelers.


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