Super Talent MasterDrive LX:flash drives have become more accessible

October 1, 2008, 5:05 pm

super talent masterdrive lx:flash drives have become more accessible   The company Super Talent Technology Corporation has decided to positively surprise consumers and announced the release of two new products SSD-series MasterDrive LX, which are very attractive in terms of price/quality products.
As highlighted in the published an official press release, solid state drives MasterDrive, based on the chip flash memory type NAND, known zavidnoy performance, high resistance to shock and vibration, as well as very low power consumption. Without exception, and presented a model under the symbol FTM64GO25H and FTM28GO25H, performed at 2, 5-inch form factor, interface SATA2 and equipped with volume 64 and 128 GB, respectively. The devices can read data at speeds of 100 Mb/s and record information at speeds of 40 Mbps. As for cost, it is less than $ 180 for FTM64GO25H and less than $ 300 for FTM28GO25H.
The products are provided with a one guarantee of quality and will be available for the purchase already this week.


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