Super Talent RAIDDrive:SSD with capacity up to 2 TB

April 3, 2009, 7:04 am

super talent raiddrive:ssd with capacity up to 2 tb   One of the biggest players in the market of flash drives, the company Super Talent Technology introduced the line of SSD-drives RAIDDrive. According to the developers, this is the most capacious flash drives of this class in the industry.
Family RAIDDrive includes models up to two terabytes of capacity, both at the MLC, and the SLC chips. In order to increase productivity using a cache buffer DRAM. Storage RAIDDrive ES, in addition, equipped with a battery, which protects against data loss in case of sudden power failure.
All the new items in the form of boards with PCI Express 2. 0 x8 interface. Speed reading with sequential access to 1, 2 gigabytes per second and write - and 1, 3 Gb/sec. More detailed specifications will be published closer to the date of release.
RAIDDrive comprises three series:
  • RAIDDrive ES - targeted at server computers that are working with intensive applications such as transaction processing in databases, virtualization;
  • RAIDDrive WS -- intended to address tasks such as animation, video editing, on Wednesday CAD/EDA, scientific computation;
  • RAIDDrive GS (Gamers) - focused on supermoschnye gaming computers.
The release of new products will take place this summer.


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