In the supercomputing sector has a new leader

November 13, 2008, 4:48 pm

in the supercomputing sector has a new leader   At the June conference International Supercomputing Conference, held in Dresden, was officially issued on a regular list of the most productive computing systems in the world. The main event at that time was the announcement of new leader a list of Top500, which has become a fresh supercomputer company IBM - Roadrunner. Of particular interest to cause computing power 1, 026 petaflops, as well as the design of the computer, which comprises microprocessors IBM PowerXCell 8i (based on processors Cell, used including the game console Sony PS3) and dual-core server integrated circuits AMD Opteron .
However, to date, IBM Roadrunner can no longer be the most productive supercomputers, though officially continues to be this title. The fact is that another manufacturer of supercomputers, the company Cray, has raised the possibility of its computer system Cray XT Jaguar up to 1, 64 petaflops (peak performance, stable performance - 1, 3 petaflops), thus, ahead on this indicator newcomer IBM.
Supercomputer Cray XT Jaguar in the possession of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory U. S. Department of Energy. It should be noted that the upgrade of computer systems is already four years - a project to increase the productivity of Cray XT Jaguar started in 2004. In doing so, even two years ago supercomputer performance was only 26 teraflops, that sixty times less than the capacity of Cray XT Jaguar to date. There has been so impressive results by increasing the number of microprocessors to 45 thousand, and engineers expressed a preference for server products AMD - chipam Opteron. The total amount of RAM is 362 Tb, and the total amount of storage - 10 Petabyte. The daily capacity of the system memory is Tb 578 per second and bandwidth input/output system - 284 GB/sec.
What is interesting, used enormous computing power will, unlike the Roadrunner, in a purely peaceful scientific purposes - scientists have been modeling calculations on the phenomenon of superconductivity of certain materials, such projects will be carried out on Cray XT Jaguar in the future.


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