The supply of plasma panels fell by 19%

April 25, 2009, 11:37 am

   According to data collected by research Displaybank, the supply of plasma panels in the first quarter decreased by 19% to 2, 86 million devices over the same period last year. The level of income has fallen by 34% up to $ 1, 014 billion
Not very happy prospects have forced the Japanese company Pioneer to stop production of its PDP-products. Another company, Hitachi also announced its withdrawal from the industry.
In the second quarter activity in the PDP market will continue to only three companies from Japan and Korea - Panasonic, Samsung SDI and LG Electronics. But in the second half of the year to be joined by a fourth player - Chinese manufacturer Sichuan COC Display Devices, announced its plans to begin mass production of plasma panels. By the way, the sole manufacturer of PDP-panel, shows an increase compared to last year, became the Japanese company Panasonic.
In the view of analysts, the volume of shipments of plasma panels increased in the second quarter.


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