Survival in a crisis:Micron buys Qimonda ?

October 4, 2008, 4:22 pm

   The situation in the market for DRAM chips is still critical to manufacturers because of the imbalance of supply and demand. Prices for memory chips continue to fall, but with declining revenues and Companies.
victims of the crisis and the company became Micron - according to its latest financial report, losses in the fourth quarter of this fiscal year totaled $ 334 million, equivalent to $ 0, 45 per share. It should be recalled, the manufacturer has suffered serious losses in its seventh consecutive quarter, despite all efforts to overcome their difficult financial situation.
One of these days from industry sources, it was reported that Micron is going to absorb the company Qimonda AG, which also is experiencing is not their best times. Thus, the DRAM market will remain just four key players - Samsung Electronics, Hynix, Elpida Memory and Micron.
According to sources, Samsung is not going to lower the volume DRAM-chips, by contrast, it may even increase the production speed. Apparently, it is hoped such a way dozhat remaining competitors and become the sole King of the industry. Hynix strategy is simple - despite the crisis, to keep their market share. Elpida Memory intends to actively combat the crisis, reducing the volume of production, together with Powerchip Semiconductor and Rexchip Electronics. According to industry observers, absorption Qimonda will enable Micron to improve their situation.


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