Sverhkorotkofokusnogo prototype laser projector from Sanyo

April 17, 2009, 10:09 am

sverhkorotkofokusnogo prototype laser projector from sanyosverhkorotkofokusnogo prototype laser projector from sanyo 
sverhkorotkofokusnogo prototype laser projector from sanyo   The company Sanyo Electric has developed a prototype projector has a unique characteristics. New device get quite cumbersome - 2370 x 510 x 630 mm, but the technical merit blocked this shortcoming.
A key feature of new items was the so-called projection technique with ultrashort focus (ultra-short focus projection technology), which provides images with a diagonal of 100 inches at a distance of only 63 centimeters. From a distance 94 cm is possible to obtain an image equivalent in size 150-inch screen. This picture is 1920 x 1080 pixels.
The projector is based on the DLP-technology with three 0, 95-inch DMD-chips. As the laser light source is used. The brightness of new items is 7000 lumens, which the developer is the best value in laser projectors. Like any other device with a laser light source, Sanyo projector boasts a wide color scope, almost twice the performance of typical modern LCD screens (170% NTSC). Projection ratio of new items at 0, 28, while today`s products are characterized by the value of 0, 33. This target has been achieved through the use of vysokokogerentnogo the light source and fiber optic systems.
The new projector can be used for presentations in large rooms, at conferences, as well as, according to Sanyo, will find application in the entertainment industry and digital cinemas. The commercialization of the development is planned for 2012.


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