System Information Viewer 3. 35:All that you need to know about your PC

January 19, 2009, 11:01 am

system information viewer 3. 35:all that you need to know about your pc   Not everyone can just answer the question, what is it your computer. But in some cases just need to know this. Program System Information Viewer helps to collect all data on your PC, including the processor, memory, hard drives, drives, modems, USB-devices, and much more. Through the program, you can observe how the system resources are spent at work with various applications. It is a real-time shows how much free memory for the moment, as is the swap file, etc. Another great feature - a conclusion to all of the computers that are in the local network. System Information Viewer to show how much RAM is installed, which model of processor installed on each of them, as well as any operating system.
The latest version adds support for processor Intel Xeon (Gainestown) and Intel Atom Dual-Core (Diamondville), chipset Intel G41, Q43 and Q45, as well as preliminary support for chipsets Intel QuickPath X58 (Tylersburg).
Developer:Ray Hinchliffe Distribution:free Operating system:Windows All Size 1, 25 MB Download from here you can.


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