Table football - play against the robot ?

April 6, 2009, 6:07 am

table football - play against the robot ?table football - play against the robot ?table football - play against the robot ?table football - play against the robot ? 
table football - play against the robot ?   Robots have already learned to work instead of people, slowly but surely displacing it from the multitude of modern professions. Soon, robots will not only work for people, but to play against him in the game. As evidence you can cite an example apparatus, trained in the table football game, sponsored by a team of students of the University of Waterloo (University of Waterloo).
An interesting feature of the device is the fact that the robot is divided into two players:one manages the defensive line, which includes the goalkeeper and defenders, the second - is responsible for the movement of the line poluzaschity and attacks. Both subsystems are completely independent, ie, have their own system of tracking the ball, their algorithm by the players. In the case of defensive line system of lasers and photodetectors, while the line of attack derives the necessary information with high-speed camera and image processing.
The major challenge in such circumstances, become a union of two players in a well-functioning system. As the platform was chosen payments Altera DE-2, which are booths for students and the logical design of computing systems. The devices control the servo - the connection was carried out through the RS-232 port.
The most difficult stage in the development of a training apparatus robot visual-motor coordination. That is, it was necessary to teach the unit to determine the location of the ball and on the basis of the data from the sensors to coordinate the movement of the motors that control the movement of a number of players. Man enough training to coordinate their movements to a successful game for hours and days, but the robot is not able to pass this course. Coordination is fully vested in the software algorithm.
To simplify the task and create a more flexible algorithm developers have decided to divide a table into several parts. Depending on the location of the ball computer system selects one or another strategy game. For example, if the ball is in dangerous proximity to the gate of the computer, then the defenders and the goalkeeper are directly in front of the ball, preventing a possible strike on the gate. If the ball is under the control of the robot, in this case, depending on the situation, the computer is a setback to the gate of an opponent, or do pass, trying to improve the position.
Sami developers appreciate the computer as the player the possibility of secondary hands. Against the new robot has shown excellent results, consistently winning for the experienced player`s robot is the best partner, often discouraging attacks on the gate, but occasionally skipping goal attack. If the case are professionals, whereas the speed of reaction of the robot is not sufficiently high - further enhancing the gaming skills still require significant changes, both in hardware as well as in managing algorithm.


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