Team Yota:test Mobile WiMAX in Moscow and St. Petersburg

September 21, 2008, 1:01 am

   The company Skartel known world under the trademark Yota, recently announced the start of the first pilot operation in Russia Network Mobile WiMAX. Under the technical phase running team Yota, aimed at demonstrating the benefits of new technology.
Yota team will be formed from the 2000 participants (the inhabitants of Moscow and St. Petersburg). They will be the first wireless network users quick access to the Internet from Yota - Champions Yota. During the program until the end of November 2008, Champion will have an opportunity to unlimited use of the opportunities for the network. Skartel specialists will personally work with actors Tim Yota:a job offer and provide technical assistance.
Yota Champion can be any resident of Moscow and St. Petersburg, fill in the form on the official site.


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