Technical support for Windows XP in Russia extended until December

April 15, 2009, 4:58 pm

technical support for windows xp in russia extended until december   Microsoft has announced the extension of free technical support for Russian users of Windows XP until 30 November 2009.
Remember that April 14, 2009 ended the cycle of basic technical support for Windows XP. Nevertheless, because of the many applications of Russian users, it was decided to extend the provision of free technical support.
Ask Microsoft professionals, users can call through the website or using the new option - a direct chat with the engineer. Find a service location can be on this page, or you click Contact Us, located at the bottom of any page on your site Microsoft.
Worldwide Tech Support Windows XP goes into the so-called extended phase, which involves paying the treatment of customer support and free security updates for all users of Windows. Extended support phase of Windows XP will continue until April 2014


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