Techno eggs as a gift for easter

April 13, 2009, 4:47 pm

techno eggs as a gift for eastertechno eggs as a gift for eastertechno eggs as a gift for eastertechno eggs as a gift for eastertechno eggs as a gift for eastertechno eggs as a gift for eastertechno eggs as a gift for eastertechno eggs as a gift for eastertechno eggs as a gift for eastertechno eggs as a gift for eastertechno eggs as a gift for eastertechno eggs as a gift for easter 
techno eggs as a gift for easter   Feast of Holy Sunday, or Easter - one of the major events of the year for Christian believers, the main feature of which is the egg. But if past monarchs were given on that day friends of Faberge eggs, the fans of modern technology should be on the right to draw attention to the gadgets in the form of eggs.
1. Automobile designer-avant-gardist Kolani Luigi (Luigi Colani) proposes to give a friend City avtomobilYellow Egg in the form of eggs. The truth machine as there is in the form of concept-kara and price tags on it there.
2. If you make a car to order, you can not afford, you can draw attention to the already well-known gadget egg from Sony - Dancing player Rolly (SEP-30BT). Twisted top, slam it in speakers and fun ride in the rhythm of music MP3-player will not leave anyone indifferent to this celebration of spring.
3. Avalon Designer Rocco (Rocco Avallone) developed a concept device to monitor energy consumption of household appliances. According to the author, a constant reminder to the owner of this will help a lot to save.
4. Egg Zapi is an antibacterial stand for a toothbrush. But it is not just a beautiful design seek. Inside Zapi integrated source of ultraviolet light, which is over 7 minutes to kill all the germs on your brush. Cost is $ 30 the entire testicle, and is powered by three AAA batteries.
5. An excellent gift for a child can become egg-Homestar Pure planetarium from Sega Toys. Nice gadget projects the constellations in the ceiling of the room, visible in the northern hemisphere. The cost of a toy is $ 140.
6. For novice cooks perfectly suitable egg BeepEgg. Gadget helps cook chicken eggs vkrutuyu in the bag or soft-boiled. BeepEgg throws herself into the pot with the usual eggs, and when you reach a certain stage of readiness to produce plays different melodies. How much - $ 22.
7. The next gift is a set of acoustic KHT3005SE from KEF home theater. Subwoofer, center speaker and four satellite fulfilled not in the traditional rectangular shape, as in spherical shells. If the price of $ 1750 did not you stop, you can donate and a set of eggs.
8. The company produces a wonderful Philips lamp for the room Living Colors. You can highlight any color from a palette of 16 million colors creating a certain charm and style to the situation room. For an opportunity to turn on the light tone of the hair or the color of furniture would have to remove the $ 215.
9. Against Lomme not receive, because ukladyvayas sleep in a bed, a man unwittingly becomes a baby or if you want the chicken. True, and worth a return to the status of the embryo much - $ 55, 600.
10. Compact photo Photo-egg in the form of eggs would cost just $ 24. There are 1, 5-inch display with a resolution 128h128 points, memory for 100 pictures and an embedded lithium-ion battery.
11. YaytsoPI-FHB05-EGG from Anyware Computers Accessories combine the miniature speaker system for PC, card reader and razvetvitel USB. The price of this nice gadget is $ 15.


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