Tekken 6 gameplay video

April 30, 2009, 3:54 pm

   On the pages of Gametrailers published a small movie (duration is less than a minute), giving an opportunity to evaluate the process of playing Tekken 6. What can we make of this video ? First, in the game, there are two arenas. If you spend a powerful blow in the middle of the field for battle, it fails down. Secondly, Tekken 6 incredibly similar to Tekken 5. Just twin brothers. And it is not particularly pleased.
Tekken 6 is now to be further developed and improved version of Tekken 5. Character models look a bit nice, and the levels themselves have become more detailed, but in general the feeling of something momentous new (as in the case of Street Fighter IV) does not arise. Especially saddened old special effects. However, we hope that Tekken 6 will live a much more interesting and entertaining.
As a bonus offer to look at another powerful trailer of the project.

  • www. gametrailers.com


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