Telephonization China:by going to the billions

December 24, 2008, 12:34 pm

   China is still ahead of world-wide in terms of telephone and internetizatsii population, but as soon as possible by telephone service subscribers will be billions.
The online version of the Chinese People s Daily Online, citing Sy Gohu (Xi Guohua), Minister of Industry and Information Technology of China, speaking at the recent 2009 China Telecom Group Working Conference, reported on the close approximation to the billion mark. By the end of October, according to official figures, the total number of subscribers of telephone services in the country reached 979 million, including 627 million subscribers of cellular networks and 352 million users of land telephone lines. This consistent trend of recent years, reflected in the gradual replacement of mobile applications for the business of traditional wired land lines only amplified.
While the number of Chinese telephone users came close to a billion, a community of individuals and organizations with access to the Internet, rose to 300 million. To date, access to data services, including broadband Internet access and sending text messages, bringing the Chinese telecom industry to 33, 4% of total revenue. Also notable as the trend for increased diversification of telecommunication networks:providing a previously mostly limited telephone services, is now increasingly the networks used to access the Internet and connect to cable TV.
It is possible that from next year, the telecommunications boom in China, only intensify. Due to the fact that from next year, Chinese operators are able to use 3G licenses, annual investment in telecommunications, according to preliminary estimates, could grow to 200 billion yuan in the next five years.


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