Telescope Kepler will search for Earth`s doubles

February 2, 2009, 12:56 pm

telescope kepler will search for earth`s doubles 
telescope kepler will search for earth`s doubles   The modern astronomers found is not a planet revolving around a distant star - from the beginning of active searches ekzoplanet passed a few years, but continued development of tools for observing distant space objects will allow us to find Hundreds of planets. Most of them - gas giants like Jupiter, which, though not surprising - thanks to an enormous size and weight of these objects have the most powerful effect on the star, which they determined the planet and astronomers. To search for a much less massive ekzoplanet scientists need a more precise instruments such as a new space observatory Kepler Telescope (telescope Kepler), which is supervised by the agency NASA. Just a few days ago NASA reported that everything is ready for the launch vehicle into space.
The main mission, which will be entrusted to advanced telescope searches ekzoplanet is similar to the Earth - namely, those space scientists expect to find life. Run the launcher with the Kepler telescope on board should be held on 5 March 2009, and since that time experts will examine about 100 thousand star systems - the duration of the project is 3, 5 years. According to official figures, with the assistance of the observatory, astronomers will look for the stars with periodic changes in brightness - it may mean that the light from the stars for some time partly overlaps another object, possibly the planet.
The heart of the observatory is a unique fotosensor-resolution 95 million pixels, the sensitivity to distinguish very little change in the brightness of the object - 84 million share of the initial value. For comparison, the planet similar in size to Jupiter lead to a change in the brightness of stars (an observer) in one per cent - thus observatory will allow detecting a million times weaker changes. It should be noted that the launch of such a precise tool for the Earth`s orbit is extremely important, because the ground-based observatories have to tolerate the distortions made to the atmosphere. The advantage of space-based telescopes are already evident in the case of Hubble, whose stunning images with its clarity and detail even in the most distant objects observation of Space.
of itself, to enter such a precise tool in the work - a unique event for the scientific community, but if the main objective of the telescope Kepler will be achieved, but it comes to searching for planets in the so-called zone of survival, which may experience the lifestyle (at least as we can observe on Earth), then this will be one of the most significant events since the beginning of space surveillance.


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