The ten best in the world of Fighting

April 7, 2009, 3:09 pm

   Staff at Gametrailers video chart of the ten best in the world of Fighting-series. The list got recognized a lot of hits that have come across to our readers in the days of gambling parlors with 16-bit consoles Sega Mega Drive.
It should be noted that most of these games are made in full 2D, which proves once again that beautiful and interesting can be done without a newfangled three engines. View the video is required to resurrect the memory of memories of long past days.
Best Fighting in the view of Gametrailers:

  • Street Fighter;
  • Virtua Fighter;
  • Samurai Showdown;
  • Guilty Gear;
  • Capcom s Versus;
  • Soul Calibur;
  • King of Fighters;
  • Tekken;
  • Mortal Combat;
  • Killer Instinct.
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