Ten years difference:Core i7 and Matrox G200 on a motherboard

January 29, 2009, 5:44 pm

ten years difference:core i7 and matrox g200 on a motherboard   Voodoo 2, Matrox G200 and RivaTNT - how many of these words for a mature PC user. The first mention on the web site of the Matrox G200 graphics card is dated 1998. Graphic adapter was at that time King of 2D. The product is built on the base of the chip MGA-G200, contains 8 MB of SGRAM, expandable to 16 MB. In gaming applications Matrox G200 video card gave way a little Voodoo II.
This is the graphics adapter is installed on the motherboard Super Micro X8STE, rather, his version of integrated solutions. Indicated such as integrated graphics Matrox G200eW. The chip contains two independent parallel running 64-bit bus, and the volume is equal to 8 MB of video memory.
Motherboard Super Micro X8STE intended for users who are in need of serious calculations c need a stable work. Of course, they do not care about the powerful graphics subsystem. Fee is working with Intel processors in the performance of LGA 1366, as support all decisions based on the Nehalem. The presence of six DDR3 DIMM slots will provide 24 GB of RAM. If desired, the owner can pay to use the services of a discrete graphics card, which at present X8STE connector PCI-Express 16x.
The reason for using a chip Matrox G200eW, simple. At this time, the processor giant is not a set of system logic with integrated graphics processors for the Core i7.


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