Terragen 2:three-dimensional landscape generator

April 28, 2009, 1:01 pm

terragen 2:three-dimensional landscape generator   After several years of development has finally released a second version of the landscape generator Terragen 2. Among several possibilities the new version can be a powerful vizualizator with the possibility of miscalculation of billions of polygons, with procedural maps with high detail, the system of atmosphere with the possibility of the use of multi-layer clouds;3D-preview in real time.
Terragen 2 out in three versions:Standard ($ 199), a module for the animation ($ 299), as well as the special version, and includes a module for creating animations, and a library of plants XfrogPlants ($ 699) a total of more than 1300 items . In addition, the freely available version of Terragen 2 for non-commercial use, with some restrictions. You can download from here.


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