To be there 450-mm silicon plates ?

April 20, 2009, 1:08 pm

to be there 450-mm silicon plates ?   In addition to developing new technologies of manufacture of integrated circuits, associated with continuous miniaturization of elements in the industry of semiconductor devices, there is one more, not less important trend. Namely, the transition to the use of silicon wafers are larger diameter. It is well known that today is the use of standard wafer diameter of 300 mm, in the future is scheduled to transition to 450-mm semi. However, the specific dates the introduction of new plates has not yet been identified, and indeed the very need for such a process is now the market in question.
The world`s leading chipmeykery with huge incomes, for example, Intel Corp. , Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. and Samsung expect to begin production of integrated circuits are already starting in 2012. They are not afraid of even the enormous costs associated with the alteration of production facilities - waste, according to experts, may exceed the astronomical sum of $ 10 billion of major advantage in using 450-mm silicon wafers is the ability to increase output of microchips with the same plate at once in 2, 25 times compared to 300-mm. Much of the experts more modest projections - in their view, the transition to 450-mm wafers delayed for another decade.
However, in the way of technological progress is a major obstacle in the face of equipment manufacturers for the manufacture of semiconductor devices. According to the heads of some companies, in particular, Novellus Systems, development of appropriate tools can be completely suspended. The main reason for this development is called the lack of benefits in converting to the use of 450-mm wafers is for developers of industrial equipment.
For the first time about the problems of the industry to reflect more in the case of the transition to a full transition to 300-mm silicon wafers, replaced with a market of 200 mm. The process starts at the beginning of two thousand years - by 2002 about 38% of manufactured equipment intended for the production of integrated circuits from the 300-mm wafers. At the same time, about 1, 4% of all production of microchips by the time it is made of pancakes of these dimensions. By 2008 these figures had grown up to 92, 1 and 37%, 4%, respectively. During this time period chipmeykerov income grew exactly twice - from $ 10 billion a month in early 2002 to $ 20 billion a month by early 2008. It would seem that this situation should occur and if the developers toolbox.
However, the situation in this market segment is quite otherwise. In early 2002, the company`s profits amounted to $ 645 million per month. By 2006 this figure had risen to $ 1 8 billion a month. But two years later, the income of producers dropped to $ 800 million mark in a month. In other words, while the market of integrated circuits there is a steady growth in the segment of the production equipment of significant changes, except for some bursts are not observed. Ekstrapoliruya the figures for the future, which is expected to jump to 450-mm wafers, experts predict that the absence of a significant increase in revenue. But the development of advanced equipment requires substantial investment in R D-sector. If the costs in the medium term will not pay off, the logical solution seems to completely abandon the development of appropriate tools.
However, while the prospects of development of the semiconductor industry remain dim. Apparently, the technology of manufacturing of integrated circuits with the use of 450-silicon wafers will be available to only the largest chipmeykeram who can not only invest enormous funds in the improvement of their plants, but also to get this benefit at the expense of increasing the supply of products with a reduction of the cost of its cost.


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